1: "Looking for a quiet companion in your apartment? These 5 discreet dog breeds are perfect for apartment living."

2: "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Gentle, affectionate, and calm, these dogs thrive in small spaces."

3: "Basenji: Known as the 'barkless dog,' this breed is independent and low maintenance."

4: "French Bulldog: Playful and adaptable, these dogs don't require a lot of exercise."

5: "Shih Tzu: Sweet and cuddly, these dogs are happiest lounging indoors with their owners."

6: "Greyhound: Surprisingly low-energy, these gentle giants are great apartment companions."

7: "Mastiff: Despite their size, Mastiffs are known for their quiet and calm demeanor."

8: "Whippet: Quiet and reserved, these dogs are content to curl up on the couch."

9: "Consider one of these quiet and discreet dog breeds for a peaceful apartment lifestyle."