1: Alex Cooper's wedding day arrived. Nerves fluttered. Her dad's absence was felt but family surrounded her.

2: Her father's memory brought tears and laughter. The aisle walk was symbolic, a tribute to his love.

3: Alex's bond with her dad was unbreakable. His spirit shined on her special day.

4: Guests wiped away tears, feeling the emotional weight. Alex's father's love was palpable.

5: The aisle walk was bittersweet. Every step honored their connection, a tribute to a loving father.

6: Her father's presence felt in every moment. Alex honored his memory with each step.

7: The aisle was walked in silence, but echoes of his love surrounded her.

8: Not physically there, but his spirit guided her. The aisle walk was a dance of memories.

9: Alex Cooper's dad may not have walked her down the aisle, but his love and presence were felt.