1: Boston Marathon winner Buzunesh Deba awaits $100,000 prize money a decade later.

2: Deba's victory in the 2014 race remains in question due to previous winner's disqualification.

3: Controversy surrounds Deba's case as she continues her quest for rightful prize money.

4: Despite legal battles, Deba remains determined to receive her long overdue reward.

5: Deba's perseverance and resilience highlight the challenges faced by elite athletes in the sport.

6: The delay in awarding Deba's prize money raises concerns about accountability in sports organizations.

7: Deba's story serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding fair competition and honoring winners.

8: As the world watches, Deba's fight for justice sheds light on the complexities of athletic endorsements and sponsorships.

9: Ten years later, Deba's unwavering spirit continues to inspire those seeking justice and equality in sports.