1: "Transform your garden into a wildlife haven with low-maintenance tips for creating habitats."

2: "Choose native plants that attract pollinators, birds, and beneficial insects to your garden."

3: "Install birdhouses, bee hotels, and butterfly feeders to provide shelter and food for wildlife."

4: "Create water features like ponds or bird baths to support biodiversity in your garden."

5: "Avoid chemical pesticides and fertilizers to protect the health of wildlife in your garden."

6: "Maintain a diverse plant selection to provide year-round food and shelter for wildlife."

7: "Mulch garden beds and leave leaf litter to provide nesting materials and habitat for wildlife."

8: "Design garden pathways and structures to allow for wildlife movement and access throughout the space."

9: "Invite local wildlife to your garden by incorporating elements that support their natural behaviors and needs."


Creating wildlifefriendly habitats in lowmaintenance garden