1: Gina Torres discusses her transition from Suits to her own spinoff, Pearson, revealing the challenges and rewards of portraying Jessica Pearson.

2: Torres delves into the complexities of Pearson's character and the new legal drama's focus on politics and power struggles.

3: Jessica Pearson's relocation to Chicago sets the stage for a fresh narrative filled with courtroom drama and personal growth.

4: Torres shares insights on the evolution of Jessica Pearson and the impact of her character's empowering journey.

5: The dynamic between Jessica and new characters in Pearson promises riveting storylines and intense conflicts.

6: Fans can expect intriguing plot twists and emotional revelations as Jessica uncovers the truth behind Chicago's power players.

7: Torres highlights the strong female relationships in Pearson and the importance of representation in television.

8: From corporate shakedowns to personal redemption, Jessica Pearson's story in Pearson is a rollercoaster of intrigue and emotion.

9: Don't miss Gina Torres' powerhouse performance as Jessica Pearson in the captivating legal drama Pearson, now streaming on USA Network.