1: Discover the cleanest animals in nature, ranked for their neatness and grooming habits.

2: The Alpaca tops the list with their meticulous grooming and dust baths for cleanliness.

3: Pigs might surprise you with their cleanliness, preferring separate areas for eating and sleeping.

4: Dolphins are known for their hygiene habits, often seen swimming together to help clean each other.

5: Cats are famously tidy animals, spending hours grooming and keeping themselves clean.

6: Elephants use mud and dust baths to protect their skin and ward off parasites.

7: Kangaroos groom themselves by licking their forearms and wiping their head with their paws.

8: Beavers are diligent cleaners, maintaining their lodges and dams to keep them tidy.

9: Birds like the Grey Parrot are fastidious groomers, preening their feathers to maintain cleanliness in nature.