1: Taraji P. Henson discusses her role in Ralph Breaks the Internet, reflecting on her character's journey through the virtual world.

2: The actress shares behind-the-scenes insights, describing her experience working alongside the cast and crew on the animated film.

3: Henson opens up about the themes explored in the movie, emphasizing the importance of friendship and self-discovery.

4: She delves into her character's growth throughout the story, highlighting the challenges and triumphs she faces along the way.

5: The interview reveals Henson's personal connection to the film's message, expressing her passion for storytelling and representation in media.

6: Fans can expect a fresh perspective from the actress, as she brings a dynamic and heartfelt performance to the big screen.

7: Henson's infectious energy and charisma shine through in her portrayal, adding depth and emotion to the animated world of Ralph Breaks the Internet.

8: Audiences will be captivated by Henson's captivating performance, as she navigates the digital landscape with courage and wit.

9: In March/April 2024, don't miss Taraji P. Henson's illuminating interview on Ralph Breaks the Internet, a must-see for fans of animated storytelling.