1: Taraji P Henson takes charge, firing her team for missed opportunities post-Empire. Don't mess with Cookie Lyon.

2: After Empire, Taraji P Henson cleans house when her team drops the ball on professional opportunities.

3: Taraji P Henson makes power moves, axing her team for not capitalizing on her Cookie Lyon fame.

4: Empire star Taraji P Henson draws the line, firing her team for missed career chances.

5: Taraji P Henson shows who's boss, ditching her team for failing to secure post-Empire gigs.

6: Missing out on opportunities post-Empire? Taraji P Henson's team gets the boot for dropping the ball.

7: Taraji P Henson takes control, firing her team for neglecting her career post-Empire.

8: Cookie Lyon no more: Taraji P Henson fires her team for not seizing post-Empire opportunities.

9: Taraji P Henson's team learns the hard way: miss opportunities post-Empire, get fired.