1: Introduction to Pilates - Strengthen your core and lose weight with Pilates, perfect for busy lifestyles.

2: The Hundred - Burn calories and sculpt your abs with this classic Pilates exercise.

3: Single Leg Stretch - Tone your stomach and improve flexibility with this Pilates move.

4: Double Leg Stretch - Target your lower abs and boost metabolism with this challenging Pilates exercise.

5: Criss-Cross - Flatten your stomach and improve posture with this dynamic Pilates workout.

6: Plank - Strengthen your core and tone your entire body with this effective Pilates pose.

7: Side Plank - Slim down your waistline and improve balance with this Pilates variation.

8: Pilates Roll-Up - Develop core strength and increase flexibility with this classic Pilates move.

9: Pilates Teaser - Challenge your core and enhance abdominal definition with this advanced Pilates exercise.