1: Title: Quick Dumbbell Abs Workout Subheading: Strengthen your core in just 15 minutes with these 3 moves.

2: Move 1: Russian Twists Targets obliques and improves stability. Hold a dumbbell and twist side to side.

3: Move 2: Woodchoppers Engages core and back muscles. Lift dumbbell overhead and chop down diagonally.

4: Move 3: Dumbbell Leg Raises Works lower abs and hip flexors. Hold dumbbell between feet and lift legs up.

5: Benefits of Dumbbell Abs Workout: Build core strength and full-body muscle in a short time.

6: Tips for Success: Focus on form, breathe deeply, and increase weight as you progress.

7: Variations: Modify exercises as needed, add plyometric movements for intensity.

8: Warm-up and Cool Down: Always start with dynamic stretches and end with a gentle stretch.

9: Wrap-Up: Invest 15 minutes daily for a stronger, more defined core with this efficient dumbbell workout.