1: Mike Tyson faces off against Shannon Briggs in a street brawl before Jake Paul showdown.

2: Briggs dares Tyson to step up in underground battle, tensions rise as fans watch.

3: Tyson shows no fear as he trades blows with Briggs in spontaneous street fight.

4: Briggs and Tyson exchange heated words, gearing up for intense showdown with Paul.

5: Fans react to Tyson vs. Briggs street fight, anticipating Paul's next move.

6: Briggs tests Tyson's mettle in gritty street clash, setting stage for epic battle.

7: Tyson proves he's still a force to be reckoned with, dominating Briggs in street brawl.

8: Paul watches Tyson vs. Briggs showdown, amps up anticipation for upcoming match.

9: As tensions soar, Tyson, Briggs, and Paul gear up for epic showdown in the ring.