1: Zendaya celebrates the iconic Vogue shoot of Venus and Serena Williams with a stunning recreation.

2: The actress pays tribute to the tennis champions with intricate beadwork and powerful poses.

3: Zendaya embodies the strength and beauty of Venus and Serena in the 1998 photo shoot.

4: From the beads to the outfits, every detail is meticulously recreated in Zendaya's homage.

5: The actress's recreation captures the essence of the Williams sisters' groundbreaking Vogue shoot.

6: Zendaya's tribute to Venus and Serena's iconic photo is a powerful statement of sisterhood.

7: The actress beautifully channels the grace and power of the tennis legends in her reimagined shoot.

8: With stunning visuals and attention to detail, Zendaya brings the iconic Vogue shoot to life.

9: Zendaya's homage to Venus and Serena Williams is a celebration of their legacy and influence.